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A user friendly cloud-based contract management system that works for your business.

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All your contracts in one place…

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Add contracts & suppliers

Contracts & suppliers in one, organised place.

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Easily accessed, shared and managed online.

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Business knowledge at your fingertips.

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Cloud software

User friendly cloud software.

Monitor business finances

Monitor contract related finances.

Automated reminders

Keep on top of deadlines with automated reminders.

Secure data

Secure data backed up to the cloud.

Why choose Kontrax?

Check out what our users are saying…

Having all our contracts in one place and presented in the same format has been such a game changer for us. It’s really helped us get on top of our financials and made all our processes a lot more manageable.

We knew our contracts were in a mess but it wasn’t until we used Kontrax that we realised how much more efficient our workflows would become. It’s taken a lot of the stress out of contract management and freed us up to grow our business globally.

The dashboard is really easy to use and puts everything we need in one place and we’re very happy with the support provided. It’s really easy for our team to access remotely, and it’s really streamlined the way we review and track our contracts between workstreams.

I have been using Kontrax for a few months now and have never felt so on top of my important paperwork. I love contract renewal reminders, and I can easily access everything on the move. It’s inexpensive, so for a non-profit organisation like mine it’s great to have these tools available and affordable.

Get on top of your contracts

With Kontrax you never need to worry about losing important contracts and missing deadlines again, and will be able to empower your team to take your business forward.

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